Galle, the mellow city in Sri Lanka is the destination for when it’s time to slow down a bit. Colombo is fun and exciting however it can certainly take the holiday out of the holidaymaker. A simpler pace of life lives here in Galle. Beautiful coastlines, beaches and the best food on the island. The architecture has a distinct Portuguese influence and the villas in Galle, Sri Lanka are second to none. Luxury private homes fit for the whole family or just for you in need of a retreat. Private swimming pool, sauna, movie room, the options are available and endless. Everything is thought out for you or available on request. Dinner with a private chef in your very own gourmet kitchen, a car service to anywhere, tickets or reservations? Just ask the villa manager and it will be arranged. Make Galle an experience to never forget and not simply a holiday.

  1. Old Fort’s Wall

The wall has become the centre of Galle, so much that shops and stalls have built onto it. It’s the place to go to find what’s happening now, as well as learn about what happened many many years ago.

The old fort, a piece of stunning architecture doesn’t look like much for defense as it does for attractions. Built by Portuguese traders in the year fifteen eighty eight it became a crucial part of Dutch and then British colonists. in the seventeenth century it was expanded and heavily fortified. Today it is an advantageous place to take a delightful walk along the ramparts and enjoy some time outdoors.

  1. Kanneliya Rain Forest Reserve

A UNESCO biosphere reserve housing lush green forests and countless varieties of vegetation and animals is a truly humbling experience. Best enjoyed alongside a local wildlife tracker to be able to navigate and also share the stories and facts of this special place.

About two hours north of Galle, a ways into the middle of the island but definitely worth the journey is this UNESCO-listed national park. See the leopards, elephants, tree frogs and more in their natural and protected habitat. Day trips are easy to arrange with your villa manager or any tour shop in town. It’s far from a zoo, it’s a nature reserve with abundant biological riches.

  1. Rumassala Mountain Top

Every great destination needs a lookout where views from the top are stunning and everyone visits and takes a photo when they are a guest in that city. Rumassala is that iconic spot. It is a tranquil place with beautiful views across the island. Make sure to visit the serene Peace Pagoda while you are there and prepare yourself for the journey back down to reality and sea level.

  1. Beaches for the rest of us.

A local fisherperson and their family work and play at the beach. A tourist from Germany sunbathes while drinking from a coconut. The horizon as far as the eye can see in one direction and lush jungle in the other. A few charming waterfront cafes and restaurants line part of the beach serving local favourites and refreshing tea.

This is the scene at the beaches in Galle, tranquil. Echos of days past when a simpler time prevailed. This is truly a place to be a part of the community and really see how the people of Galle live.