The mountain town of Fernie in southeast British Columbia is well-known for its powdery terrains every winter. Countless individuals who love to ski and snowboard flock to this town to visit the Fernie Alpine Resort considered one of the finest ski resorts in the country. With over 30ft of snow every year, Fernie is a winter haven for those who love extreme winter sports or like to travel during the cold months.

But even for those who do not like to risk their lives when trying winter sports, travelling to Fernie is still worth it. The road trip from Calgary to Fernie itself can already deliver a unique experience to tourists. For example, you can expect to see much wildlife driving on Hwy 22, including deer, bears, and coyotes. Hwy 22 is also known as the shooting place for some scenes in the movie “The Revenant,” which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

There are also a lot of magnificent views when you turn to Hwy 3, the main highway leading to Fernie. You can take a break from driving in Lundbreck Falls, right from the road. You can also take pictures with the Burmis Tree, a well-protected dead tree by the locals, and it is a great picture spot. You will also stretch your legs and stop by the Frank Slide, a rockslide formation that buried some parts of Frank during the early 1900s.

Once you pass these spots, it is only around 40 minutes to drive to Fernie. The town’s downtown area is not located along the highway strip but can be easily reached by driving or walking from your accommodation. 2nd Ave, also called Victoria Avenue, is filled with restaurants and attractions for people of all ages and interests. This includes the Fernie Museum, the Arts Station, and Beanpod Chocolate, Gelato, and Coffee.

If you visit during the summer months, there are plenty of hiking trails you can try within and on the outskirts of the town. One of the best hikes you can try is the path leading to the Fairy Creek Falls, part of the Mt. Proctor Trail hike, and is only a 2-hour hike to the falls. The Matheson Falls, considered a hidden gem by many locals, is another short hike anyone can try.

Going for a plunge on various rivers and lakes around Fernie is something anyone should try during the hot months. For example, going for a dip In the Elk River can help you cool off after strolling for a long time. This is mainly because the river remains cold even during the summer, allowing you to be refreshed without leaving the town. You can also visit some other lakes and waterways just a few minutes’ drive from the town center.

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