Ohana is a word that gained popularity because of the movie Lilo and Stitch. It means “family,” and the thought is that no one gets left behind in a family. Hawaii is where this word originated. Going into this aloha paradise as a solo traveler may sometimes give a lonely feeling. But Oahu won’t make you feel alone because of the many solo and group travelers visiting this place. 

This place in Hawaii is part of the eight major islands that make up Hawaii. It is the most populated because of its many attractions, such as Pearl Harbor and Diamond Hotel. People keep coming back to this paradise because of the tours they offer, like the Byodo-In Temple tour and the Dole Pineapple Farm tour

Here are other reasons why tourists keep returning, and you should, too.

Oahu Excursions

A tour around the island can be exhausting. A local guide will be helpful as they can give you insights into the place. These local tour guides can also connect you with tour operators to make your stay enjoyable. 

Delectable Dishes

One way to truly enjoy a vacation in a paradise like Oahu in Hawaii is to try their food. Kalua Pig and Poke are the main dishes that one shouldn’t miss. On the other hand, desserts like the famous Poi and shaved ice will suit a summer day stay. These foods will boost dopamine as you stay for a week or two.

Plenty of Accommodations

There is also absolutely nothing to worry about, having no room to stay in. Despite the many people who visit the place every year, the hotels and accommodation are plenty. Air BnB units are also available if one prefers. Wherever you choose to stay, expect nothing but top-notch service from the hotel gems of Hawaii. 


The people you are around will make you feel comfortable in a foreign environment. You can meet amiable individuals on Oahu who will make you feel like the island is merely a temporary home away from your own. You’ll always find ohana in Oahu. 

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