Corporate events are the best way to mingle with your coworkers and get to know them beyond the walls of your workspace. With the daily work activities, most of us forget that humans are social animals. Such corporate events are usually held in public places such as restaurants to help people come out of their formal spheres. Some businesses go above and beyond to try something unique and meaningful for the employees and host themed parties. Such parties are meant to feature some of the most popular themes that could be enjoyed by the staff. 

Let us check out a few popular themes for corporate events held at restaurants.

  • Carnival-themed party

The carnival-themed party is one of the most popular themes which helps bring people closer! It features classic fair food such as hot dogs, funnel cakes, beer and cider. Turkey corn dogs and fries can add a more sophisticated touch to it. Apart from this, the performers and other activities will help set the party apart. 

  • Gameday

Needless to say, sports bring people together. What better theme for a corporate event than the one which features sports activities! Sporting events such as volleyball, march madness and MLB playoffs can get people to show their colors and talents! Such events along with Beer, pizza, nachos and ice cream, will help coworkers bond with each other in no time!

  • The Hollywood themes

The Hollywood theme can rarely be unsuccessful. Most people love movies and to be treated as stars. The guests can be asked to choose and dress-up like their favorite movie star and show up for the party along with their signature moves and styles. This one’s also a great theme for corporate events as celebrities are something almost everyone is fond of. Booking a popular and spacious restaurant with great service can make the event a true success. Popcorn, light snacks, wine and beer can be the highlights of such events.

  • Superlative awards

This offers a great opportunity for coworkers to pick on each other in a friendly manner. It shows how close they are. Such superlative award ceremonies can help people get comfortable and informal with each other. 

Corporate events are meant to bring people together and away from work-related stress. To make such events successful in a unique manner requires thorough research. This is where corporate events at Riverside can help coworkers and business professionals to come together, setting work aside.