Mallorca, or “Mallis” as the island is called, is a real holiday paradise in the Mediterranean sea. It’s one of Spain’s Balearic Islands. 

We have been here a couple of times and stayed in Alcudia, which is known for the magically beautiful and chalk-white sandy beach.

In this post, we’re going to offer tips on things to do in Alcudia and sights to explore, and there is a lot. We like this place very much, not only for the chalk-white beach but also for the harbor, the excellent food and the low prices, if you go to the right places.

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15 Tips on Things to Do in Alcudia

Alcudia is a small town in the north of Mallorca, which is easy to find and get around. Most people probably go here to sunbathe and swim as Alcudia’s beach is incredibly popular.

But there are other things to do in Alcudia that we thought to list in this post. Alcudia is a destination that suits everyone, so read on.

1. The Market in Alcudia

Visiting the market in Alcudia, which is on Tuesdays and Sundays in the old town from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m, is a must. 

Here you will find everything from clothes, jewelry, art and ceramics. There are also many leather goods that Mallorca is known for, such as bags, belts and wallets. If you want a reasonable price, you must be prepared to haggle.

If you are looking for food on the market, you will find fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts from the local farmers. If you stay, as we did, down by the beach in Alcudia, you can walk here in 20-30 minutes—otherwise, there are buses and taxis as options.

From some hotels, there are also special market buses that cost around 8-10 euros.

2. The Beach in Alcudia

Playa de Alcudia is perhaps best known for the shallow beach, which is about nine miles long with crystal clear water and fine white sand. 

We probably hardly need to mention that it is perfect for families with children. In addition to swimming, it is possible to practice several water sports here, and it is so shallow it suits even the smaller children.

3. Hidropark

If you travel as a family to Alcudia, a visit to their water park Hidropark is a must. Even if you do not travel as a family or with children, it is worth a visit. There are all kinds of slides that are suitable for both small and large children, and adults.

When you are tired of swimming and listening to the squeals of delighted children, you can have a drink at the pool bar or lie back and relax in a sun lounger. There are also seven different eateries in the area if you get hungry and want to eat something.

  • Price for adults: 26 euros (11-60 years)
  • Price for children: 18 euros (3-10 years)
  • Price for pensioner: 18 euros (60+)

Address: Av. Tucà, s / n, 07400 Port d’Alcúdia, Illes Balears.

Regular opening hours: May-October. During the low season, open 10-5 p.m. (May, June, September, October). High season it is open 10-6 p.m. (July and August).

4. Church of St. Jaume

Take a break from sunbathing and swimming and visit the old church of Sant Jaume, which is an 18th-century Catholic church with fantastic architecture. The church is located right at the beginning of the old town and is hard to miss. A visit to the church costs one euro.

5. Roman City of Pollentia (Ciudad Romana De Pollentia)

If you are interested in history, you must not miss Pollentia, which is just outside Alcudia. It is an archaeological find of a Roman square (or forum), houses, temples and theaters, originating from around 70 BC. 

The experience is a real step back in time, with many excavations uncovered and others that are still going on today.


  • 0-8 years: Free
  • 8-25 years: 2.5 euros
  • Price for adult: 4 euros

6. Shopping in Alcudia

Alcudia may not be best known for its shopping, but there are still a few small shops along the streets selling clothes, shoes and souvenirs. The best shopping in Alcudia is probably Alcudia’s market, which we mentioned earlier in the post.

If you want better shopping, you can make a day trip to Mallorca’s capital, Palma. Here you’ll find a more extensive selection

Alcudia’s bus to Palma takes about an hour and costs around five euros for an adult and half the price for children. The buses between the two resorts run every hour.

7. City of Alcudia (Old Town)

A half-hour walk from the beach will take you to the old town, which is surrounded by the Medieval city walls. Within the city walls, there are small cozy alleys to stroll around and a mix of restaurants and cafes. 

There are also many places of interest to visit, like the Royal Palace of Almudaina, Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum and ‘La Seu’ Cathedral. 

The old town is also the perfect place to sit and enjoy a coffee or a cold beer, eat ice cream, and watch everyone. Or explore the shops located in the small alleys.

8. Go to Tapas Bars

What could be more Spanish than tapas? When you are in Spain, you should definitely try tapas, which are just any snacks that take your fancy from the wide selection bars offer.

They’re not only delicious but also a great way to socialize and experience the many tastes of Spain, from Iberico ham and tortilla España to Manchega cheese and a host of mouth watering seafood snacks. Wash them down with an Estrella Damm beer or a glass of Rioja for a real Spanish experience.

In Alcudia, you can find many tapas bars. The waiters here are friendly and happy to come with recommendations. A tip for a good tapas place is the family restaurant Sa Portassa, located in the center of Alcudia.

Here you get not only good tapas but also reasonable prices. You can get six optional tapas for two people for 22 euros. There are many more tapas bars in Alcudia, and even though we have not tested them all, we are sure that most are good.

9. Port de Alcudia

Down in the marina, you can stroll around and check out the beautiful yachts, eat a pizza or go to one of the bars with fantastic locations by the water. 

Here you can also rent a boat and go swimming or snorkeling in any of the bays along the Alcudia coast.

If you do not want to hire your own boat, you can join one of the many boat trips that leave daily. There are tours for a couple of hours or full-day trips. On the boat trips, you can also have the opportunity to kayak, snorkel, visit caves and jump from rocks.

Prices for a boat trip are between 30-70 euros and renting a boat costs between 180-500 euros. It all depends on which boat you want to rent and how long you will be out.

10. Rent a Bike

Why not rent a bike when you are in Alcudia? When you rent a bike, you have time to see more than in a car and you can find the little secret places you would not find otherwise. You can take a bike further away in less time than walking and a tip is to Why not rent a bike when you are in Alcudia? When you rent a bike, you have time to see more than in a car, and you can find the little secret places you would not find otherwise. You can take a bike further away in less time than walking, and a tip is to bring a good picnic and plenty of water. Also, pack your swimwear and experience swimming in Alcudia’s beautiful natural inlets.

Some hotels rent bicycles. Otherwise, there are the occasional bicycle rentals around Alcudia. The price varies depending on the type of bike you rent, but generally, it costs between 11-37 euros for a day.

11. Hiking in Alcudia

If you want to get away from the sea for a while, Alcudia is surrounded by mountains and perfect hiking trails. There are both easily accessible and more challenging trails to suit all preferences, from beginners and children to more experienced hikers.

If you want to get there faster, you can also rent a mountain bike to explore the hills. The peaks in Alcudia are not giant mountains so it is perfect for day trips. The highest peak on Mallorca, Puig Major, is 4740 feet.

12. Experience old Mallorca

Go on a guided tour and experience what Mallorca was like before we tourists came to the island. If you go on a guided tour, you will learn more about Mallorca’s history, flora, and fauna, visit an aloe vera farm, go to the Sineu market and have lunch at a typical Spanish restaurant with tapas and wine.

You can read more about guided tours in Alcudia here.

13. Things to Do in Alcudia If It’s Raining

The sun usually shines in Mallorca, especially in the summer. If, on the other hand, you are unlucky enough to get rain on your trip, here are some things that work well to do if it rains.

  • Visit St. Jaume’s Church
  • Eat a cozy dinner in the old town
  • Eat tapas at a tapas bar

14. Things to Do in Alcudia With Children

Kids can get bored of being around the pool, so why not consider an outing to do one or more of the following activities:  

15. Things You Must Take With You on the Trip!

  • A nice neck pillow for the flight down
  • A good travel towel that dries quickly
  • Snorkel and mask for the boat trip
  • Sun protection
  • Camera unless your phone takes great pics

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcudia

How To Get To Alcudia?

You can take a flight direct to Palma, which takes between 9.5 hours from LA to 15 hours from New York. Then you take a bus or taxi from Palma to Alcudia,

What Currency Do They Have In Mallorca?

Mallorca is part of Spain, so the euro is used in Mallorca.

Is There a Time Difference Between Mallorca and The US?

For a guide, Mallorca is six hours ahead of EDT.

Are There Nightclubs in Alcudia?

Yes, there is, Banana Club & Menta Disco. Most people who go out to party in Alcudia go to the Banana Club. In addition to the nightclubs, there are bars in Alcudia that can stay open as late as 3 a.m.

What Does It Cost To Buy a Beer at a Restaurant?

A beer (33cl) costs around 3 euros, but if you visit a bar a little outside the center, you can get a beer for 1.50 euros.

How is Alcudia in The Winter?

During the winter season, many hotels and restaurants are closed, and the choices are not so great.

What is The Weather Like in Alcudia?

The average temperature is around 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest is between June-September when the temperature is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest is between December-March when the average temperature is between 57- 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

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