Are you searching for a hotel in Dubai? And it becomes quite challenging to search for the right hotel especially when there are lots of hotels available out there that appeal to everyone’s taste and pocket. However, when you understand the approach and use some tips, the choice of an ideal hotel in Dubai can be easy. In this blog, we will guide you on the different factors to consider when making hotels in Dubai to enable you to book the perfect hotel for your stay. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Decide on the Area

The first thing that a renter should consider is the location they wish to live in Dubai. The city is rather vast, and therefore it is most appropriate to pick the area that you will have to travel less in case it turns out that you did not like it there. 

Some of the areas to focus on include; 

  • Downtown Dubai for tourist landmarks such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall 
  • Marina for beach side accommodation and an active eating out and entertainment centre Jumeirah beach Residence for seashore luxury 
  • Deira for cheap shopping and other historical attractions. 

Taking the location to the top items on your list of things to do in Dubai into consideration when choosing your preferred location to base will be ideal.

Step 2: Discuss Your Expected Financial Resources

Dubai hotel accommodation can be had for as low as several dollars, or if one prefers to indulge in lavish services, the five-star hotels are available. Recommend a daily hotel budget which is realistic and reasonable so that travelers can set their expectations. Mid range accommodation normally costs higher. If one wants to remain within a lower cost per night, it is better to look for a hotel apartment situated a little farther from the main areas. This way, when selecting a hotel, one is able to filter the search results easily after setting the amount one is willing to spend.

Step 3: Select Hotel Options

Think about what will add comfort to your hotel stay such as extra services such as room service, housekeeping services and laundry services. For instance, find out whether they offer free Wi-Fi, a pool, a gym, restaurants, airport transfers, and the like. Families may prefer rooms for kids, or connecting rooms. The hotel market in Dubai is rich in options for every traveler type – determine what basic facilities should be present depending on the vision of the trip.

Step 4: Review the Current Hotel Feedback

Never check in a hotel without going through guest reviews available on review sites. Website among others, present a real-time feedback on the strengths or weakness of a hotel based on customers experiences. Search for complaints related to uncomfortable beds, noises coming from ongoing constructions, unprofessional attitude, messy rooms, or facilities that require refurbishment. This means that reviews offer perhaps the most realistic look at people’s experiences of their daily lives at a particular hotel.

Step 5: Compare Prices

It is important to cross-check the total cost of the trip on the various multi-booking sites, and 

on the specific hotel’s website. Many websites have different promotions and loyalty schemes where the same hotel can be booked for cheaper. You might get a better chance to find a good rate if you are willing to take an extra sixty seconds for price comparison. You should also factor redemption options in case you have hotel reward points.


Now, that will outline the most important measures pertaining to intelligent searching and selection of restaurants at Burj Al Arab. When you specify the area you prefer, the amount of money you are willing to spend, the facilities that you are comfortable with, rating and the prices that you are willing to pay, then you are bound to find the hotels that will ensure you have a convenient and memorable Dubai trip.